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What is .NET Compact Framework and why must be installed?
.NET Compact framework is a collection of runtime libraries created and freely offered by Microsoft which allow you to run .NET applications on your Windows Mobile device.
See for details. It is quite probable that you have the framework already installed on your device. But you can also download it from

I cannot see the whole screen of the application and/or the application is not stable. What can I do?
The resolution of the screen should be set automatically (implicit settings), but you can also set it manually in display section of your configuration file (file with .config extension) – see below.

How to update the previous version?
(You can backup your files before the update if you want). Replace all your
files (file with saved games is not included so it will not be replaced). BUT if
you modified configuration file in your text editor and you are planning to
keep this configuration, you should note down the changes (or not replace
config.xml file).
Installation from CAB: if the destination folder is the same as it was,
saved games and imported data persists (but configuration file is replaced).

I installed the new version from CAB and my previous game results are missing (from previous version of closesudoku). Can I get them back?
All user specific data are saved in "Settings" subfolder. Copy file "userdata" (bin file extension) from the original location to the current.
IMPORTANT: If the file exists in the destination folder and you will replace it, only old results will be contained. Do not replace the file when file "puzzles" exists in the source folder.

How to reduce application size on my disk?
Remove CAB (installator) file after installation.
Although I cannot recommend it, you can remove text files and cs/ar folder (Czech/Arabic language titles) to reduce application size.

Check button does not work!?
It is only simple test for conflicts (filled numbers) - it is not checking
if the solution is right.

Killer sudoku - Ondrejuv example has two possible solutions!?
Yes, I know :).

From where can I import new puzzles? (download file with ".opensudoku" file extension and open from the application)
These pages are created for a different application. If you find a bug in import, report it only on closesudoku pages.

Can I help with the application?
Sure ;o), it is opensource. At least it would be great if you reported bugs on (please involve your device,
operating system and how to repeat the problem) or translate application interface
to your language (source text – try to retain a similar number of letters for a label).

I can find the application on more web sites - which one is the right one?
I am trying to always have up-to-date version on:, and

To understand the project objectives:

Brief description of config file


All colours are in RGB hexadecimal notation, size units are pixels.
<display><mode>: number represents implicit user input mode (single number/popup).
<display> <language>: you can enforce different language settings for the application. Currently only Czech and English language supported (CS/EN).

Resolution in config file

Configuration file (config.xml) is enclosed in the application. Open it in your text editor (e.g. Notepad) and find the text below to modify it:

E.g. your device has WVGA display (800x480 pixel) – set the values below
	<!-- Please, do not forget to subtract windows gui from height (approximately 50px)-->

(Modify the values only if the auto-detection failed.)

Estimated values:
480x800 -240x350 (HTC Touch Pro 2 (Rhodium))
480x600 -240x268 (HTC Diamond2)
240x400 -240x268 (Samsung Omnia i900)
240x320 -240x270 (HTC TyTN 2 (Kaiser))

Beta testing

Samsung Omnia i900, HTC TyTN 2. Special thanks to Gobbet & MHDAN for help with beta testing.

Please do not hesitate to send me information about application on your device and problems you found.

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