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Project Description

Open source Sudoku game for Windows Mobile devices with installed MS.NET compact framework. Play 90 puzzles in 3 difficulty levels by touching device display with a finger. A number or a numeric note can be filled in in all free boxes on the board. Every game also contains information about the elapsed time and the date of the last play. The application can be downloaded and used entirely free of any fees.

Version > 1.0.x : New games in opensudoku format can be imported. Killer sudoku (also known as Addoku/Sumdoku/Samunamupure) now available in the application.

The game is freely inspired by opensudoku-android. Numbers can be filled in by clicking on the board and selecting the required number or you can choose a number and then place it on the board ('Popup' and 'Single number' input mode). Users can change the application skin (colors, elements size).

Display resolution independent – successfully tested on Omnia and HTC TyTN 2 (touchscreen required).

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 2011-08-01: New version available. 

Difficulty level selection List of games
Two user input modes:
  • SN - Single Number: select a number and click to its destinaton
  • Pop - Popup: select position and then the number
'Single number' mode.

Popup mode of filling numbers/notes.

Game menu:
Menu - showed after click on the right arrow. KillerSudoku - Addoku.

System requirements:

Windows mobile device with touchscreen and installed Microsoft .NET Compact Framework.

Application installation:

Download the game.

Decompress (unzip) it to your computer.

(You can change application settings in unzipped config.xml file)

Copy all the files to your mobile device.

Run ClosedSudoku.exe from your device.


For more information about Sudoku – logic-based, combinatorial number-placement puzzle game, visit  

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